Marketing Special Events in Your RestaurantAs a restaurant owner, you understand that your business reputation is always on the line. Your goal is to keep the customers happy, provide an impressive space, and serve delicious food so that people will come back. Return customers and word of mouth praise is one way to protect your business and your reputation. But have you considered hosting private events in your space as a way to attract more customers or enhance the profit during slow months? If not, maybe you should consider maximizing your potential by marketing special events in your restaurant.

Some Strategic Ways to Market Your Restaurant Space for Special Events, but Not Limited to:

Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, graduations, or office parties, consider how your unique space could accommodate those special gatherings and come up with some clever ways to market your business. Below are some simple considerations to maximize your event potential and optimize your restaurant profitability.

Consider Your Space- Think of your current space in terms of square footage, private room areas, and lighting. If your establishment is small and cozy, you may have to opt for more quaint gatherings such as small party opportunities; however, if your place has larger areas, you would have the option for wedding parties or graduation celebrations.  

Plan Ahead- Once you have established the type of private events your space could accommodate, it is time to market your restaurant for those events.  Advertise to your patrons (in the restaurant, on the menu, and social media) that you are open for reservation(s) handling. If you plan to specialize in spring and summer events, you may want to consider advertising in the early fall or winter. Likewise, if your slower times are around the holidays, you would consider promoting the availability in the summer.  

Envision Your Customer- Your marketing goal is essential here to show your potential customers the space and how you could create a gathering place with inviting food, seating, and lighting. You could also share a couple of photos of your restaurant empty so the patron(s) can use their imagination of how they would like to set up the celebration. For example, If wedding parties are an option for you, then it would be good idea to do a photo shoot with hors d’oeuvres, wedding cake, romantic lighting, and flowers to showcase your establishment.  

Market Your Assets- Try to showcase the unique qualities of your restaurant once you have marketed the space you have.  This could be done by showcasing custom menus, advertising an open kitchen that could involve the guests, or elaborating on areas/space for guitar player, or other musicians (if that’s an option). Focus on attributes that make your place extra special and unique so that yours will stand out.

Utilize Social Media- Using social media to enhance your marketing is recommended.  Sharing photos from events on your page is a good way to showcase the fun and festivities and a good way for guests to want to book your restaurant. Even hiring one person to handle social media is excellent since your marketing content is what will sell. Consider hash tagging your restaurant by name in the photos.

Embrace Your Loyal CustomersAfter all, repeat business is what you want in a successful restaurant so always aim to reach out to those who have held private events in your establishment and invite them to come back for repeat business. This may involve having a VIP email list or address list and sending out personal invites to book with you.

Your restaurant may be your biggest investment, so if you have any questions on your restaurant business coverage or ways to incorporate private event handling, contact our offices at Cameron Group Insurance and we will work with you and for you.  Don’t wait!  Call us today at 845-627-2130.