Alcohol Awareness TrainingRestaurants, wineries, breweries, and bars are booming with business right now, especially during the holidays. Holiday parties and family/friend gatherings provide a lot of fun and enjoyment but can also increase these establishments’ liquor liability exposure.  Any business that serves alcohol should be aware that serving alcohol does contribute to bottom line profits but can also expose your establishment to legal liability. Find out how alcohol awareness training can minimize the risks of legal liability.

Special events, not just during the holiday season, can result in people being overserved or overindulgent in their alcohol intake. The excitement of the party or gathering can lead to many facets that may increase the likelihood of an increased drinking pace, but there are ways servers at these establishments can minimize the risk of liquor liability exposure.

Staff members (servers and bartenders) need to be adequately trained in the recognition of those people who are just having a good time and those that have had one too many. If your business is not in the practice of properly training your servers, you could be faced with some serious legalities, not to mention your business reputation. Providing and requiring proper training of alcohol safety and awareness to the servers is key.

TIPS to Becoming an Alcohol Safety Expert

TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) is a program that has been in establishment for over 40 years and is designed to provide alcohol safety training to individuals and groups who sell and serve alcohol.  This program has many benefits as outlined below:

Improves Customer Service and Expertise- Customer service is crucial to any business.  This skill-based training is designed to enhance customer service to the patrons while still promoting procedural rules and regulations when it comes to the serving or selling of alcohol.

Decreases Drunk Driving- After being trained by TIPS, people are more proficient at spotting those who are intoxicated and can intervene in any further consumption of alcohol, when necessary.

Reduces Underage Drinking- TIPS training is designed to prepare those taking the course to recognize underage drinking and follow strict rules and regulations to provide documentation of age prior to being served. Failure to recognize underage drinking can lead to violations/fines at your establishment, not to mention lawsuits.

Minimizes the Exposure to Liquor Liability Lawsuits- Requiring and instilling proper alcohol safety training for those selling and serving alcohol can minimize the exposure to liquor liability lawsuits.

Moderates the Issues that Refusal of Alcohol Presents- Being able to cut off a customer from alcohol takes skills that training can provide.  Alcohol can heighten one’s reaction to a refusal of being served, so this training can help mitigate any issues that can arise from this situation.

If your business sells and serves alcohol, you may be offered a premium discount for this training. If you want further information on this, contact TIPS at 800-438-8477 or visit

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