Solar Energy RevolutionIn the U.S., solar energy is the fastest growing source of clean electricity and has become more affordable in recent years.  Using the sun’s energy to source your power has started a clean energy revolution and because of that you probably have seen solar panels popping up in neighborhoods and businesses. Maybe you are contemplating the move to go solar or perhaps already made that choice, but there are many considerations to know before you make the decision to become an environmental enthusiast.  Are you ready to join the solar energy revolution?

Going solar is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon.  In fact, many improvements have been made due to growing technology and because of that the use of solar capacity will continue to experience a strong worldwide presence.

Considerations Before Going Solar

If you are looking for ways to use clean energy at a more affordable price, you do need to consider some important factors before making the plunge. Below are some key advantages of going solar.

Energy Independence- Imagine powering your daily life with the sun’s energy.  With new advances, growth, and affordability, more Americans are choosing this type of energy independence.

Solar Investment Tax Credits- There is a federal tax credit that homeowners/business can claim with the investment of solar panels on their home or business.

Clean Energy- Clean energy technologies are generating billions of dollars.

Energy Efficient- Saving money on your energy bill is a plus! Over time, the savings can cover the cost of going solar.

Affordable- What used to be considered too pricey has now become more affordable for Americans looking for an alternative energy source.

Things to Know Before Joining the Solar Energy Revolution

Investing in solar panels has many perks but there are still some other issues you need to explore before making the final decision.

Use a Licensed and Reputable Contractor- Do your homework before hiring anyone to install solar equipment. Make sure he/she is licensed, bonded, reputable, and insured.

Beware of Faulty Installation- Faulty installation of solar equipment/panels can cause extensive problems down the road. If the solar panels are installed incorrectly, you could experience moisture in your home and roof which can lead to rotting, leaking, and molding issues.

Know the Electrical Risks- There are electrical hazards involved if the solar panels are installed incorrectly. The panels generate electricity and there is not an “on/off” button that can shut down electricity if needed. This does increase the likelihood of electrocution to firefighters on the roof, burning wires, and even fires. Extensive training is underway for firefighters/emergency responders in regards to homes and building with solar panels.

Invest in the Newer Models of Solar Panels- There have been many advancements in the technology of solar panels, so it is recommended you invest in the newer models that have more safety features.

Will You Join the Solar Revolution?

Being aware of the solar capacity and learning the facts of using the sun’s energy as a power source can be powerful information and may or may not lead you to join in on the clean energy push.  Overall, solar has a good safety record with many perks to those people investing; however, if you have any further concerns or questions regarding solar, contact our offices at Cameron Insurance Group and we will assist you