Despite popular belief, you can take control of how much you pay for auto insurance. There are a variety of aspects affecting the price you pay each month, many of which are lifestyle factors. Take control of your auto insurance premium by making these simple adjustments:

  • The coverage you choose and your deductible affect how much you pay each month. It is important to know that when you choose a higher deductible, you pay less each month. Likewise, when you choose to pay a lower deductible, you will see the difference in your monthly bill. Speak with your insurance agent and make sure you are only paying for coverage that is absolutely necessary and beneficial based on your unique needs.
  • The car you drive has a great impact on your auto insurance premium. Before purchasing a new car, be sure to contact your insurance agent to make sure you don’t take on any additional insurance expenses on top of the monthly car payment you just opted for.
  • Reducing your commute can help you receive discounts. The more you are on the road the greater your chances of being involved in an accident are. Therefore, walking or biking whenever possible decreases your vulnerability. If you move to a location closer to your work, be sure to inform your insurance agent so they can take into account the decrease in mileage.
  • Driving safely and slowly can also help you receive discounts. Each traffic violation you receive and each accident you are involved in will increase your auto insurance premium.

At Cameron Group Insurance, Inc., you’re a person, not a policy number. We understand the importance of personalizing a unique insurance package based on the exclusive needs of each customer. Contact us today for all of your New York auto insurance needs.