Keeping Your Home WarmIt’s October which means colder temperatures are coming! Nothing feels as good as coming into a nice and toasty home after being outside in the winter; but what if your house has drafty cold air coming in?  Now is the time to winterize your home to keep the cold air out so you can stay warm inside all winter long. There are simple tips to keeping your home warm this winter.

10 Ways You Can Fix a Drafty House and Keep Your Home Warm

Owning a home has many perks so as the colder months approach, it’s time to fix those drafty areas in your house, without spending a fortune. Below are some simple tips to keeping your home airtight:

  1. Install Insulation- Make sure you insulate finished and/or unfinished attic space with foam insulation.  If you are handy, it could save you money by doing it yourself, but make sure you wear protective clothing and eye protection.
  2. Use Weather Stripping- Utilize weather stripping to seal gaps between doors and side jambs.
  3. Secure Windows and Doors- Caulk and seal around all doors and windows to keep the cold air from coming inside your home.  Make sure the windows are completely closed shut and locked.
  4. Consider Curtains- If you don’t have curtains, consider buying some thick curtains as an extra layer of protection over the windows.  If you invest in curtains with thermal lining, this will help insulate your windows and keep your house warmer.
  5. Invest in a Chimney Balloon- If you rarely use your fireplace, consider buying a chimney balloon.  This will help keep cold air out and warm air in.  However, don’t forget to take it off when you do decide to use the fireplace.
  6. Seal Exterior Doors- Cold air can blow in under your exterior doors allowing a cold draft inside your house.  Put door sweeps along exterior doors to help keep cold air from coming inside.
  7. Consider Covering the Floors- If your floors are bare, they feel nice and cool during warmer months; however, in the winter, consider covering your floors with rugs.  This can prevent heat loss in your home.
  8. Seal Cracks- Use a silicone-based filler to seal any gaps or cracks in your flooring.
  9. Close off Interior Rooms- If you have rooms in your home that are rarely used, close off the door to those rooms.
  10. Exterior Walls: If you have bare walls inside, consider putting up decorative mirrors, pictures, or artwork.  This can help insulate the walls.

Winterizing your home doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money; but if you follow these simple tips, you can count on coming into a toasty warm house after being out in the cold.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding keeping your home warm this fall and winter, contact our offices at Cameron Group Insurance and we will assist you with all your N.Y. homeowners insurance needs.  Don’t wait!  Call our offices today at 845-627-2130.