6 Common Causes of House FiresOwning a home means protecting your home from anything that can cause damages.  Fires are one of the biggest causes of damages to homes and contents. It only takes seconds for a fire to spread uncontrollably often resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Although accidental fires can and do happen, there are ways of identifying specific risks and taking measurable actions to lower the likelihood of a house fire. Having the right type of homeowners insurance is essential in keeping your family and property safe, but it is essential to assess the risks right there in your home today to protect what can happen tomorrow. Find out 6 common causes of house fires and what you can do to safeguard your home.

Common Causes of Fire that Could Destroy Your Home

Statistics show that a house fire happens every 87 seconds in the U.S. and while some of the most common causes of fire are obvious, you may be surprised to find other causes you had not considered.  Below are some common causes of house fires, but not limited to:

Heating Appliances- Electrical heaters, space heaters, heaters requiring fuel, or baseboard heaters are all risky if you don’t know some precautionary measures to take to protect your home from a fire.  Make sure curtains or other flammable items are not near the heater.  Also, the wiring should be checked on electrical heaters as faulty wiring can cause a real threat. Inspect all heating appliances routinely to make sure they are still in good working order.  Furthermore, never leave your home with a space heater going.

Cooking- Leaving food unsupervised on the stove or in the oven is one of the most common causes of kitchen fires so when cooking a meal, never leave the stove top unattended, especially when cooking with grease. Typically, by the time you realize it, it is too late.  A grease fire can turn into a fiery siege in a matter of seconds.

Candles- Holidays are fast approaching and candles typically are used more during holiday celebrations, but never leave a candle unattended.  Also, make sure candles, lighters, and matches are kept out of reach from children.  Children can knock over a lit candle or light a match, leading to a house fire.

Smoking- Many fires may be sparked by a homeowner or family member falling asleep with a lit cigarette, dropping a cigarette on the carpet or furniture, or throwing a cigarette butt into the trash can.  All these situations can create a house fire and can be deadly if found too late.

Electrical- Especially in older homes, the electrical wiring may pose a real threat to you, your home, valuables, and family.  Faulty wiring and short circuits are a leading cause of house fires.  It is recommended you hire a licensed, skilled electrician to inspect your wiring throughout the home and fix any issues immediately. Also, it is never wise to do your own electrical work to your home unless you are licensed, skilled, and familiar with the properties of electricity.

Christmas Trees- It’s that time of year again!  Christmas holidays are typically celebrated with a Christmas tree but be careful!  Real trees can be a fire hazard, especially once the tree dries out. Make sure you water the tree regularly and inspect the lights going on the tree, whether artificial or real.  Older lights can sometimes get hot which can lead to a flash fire.  It is now recommended you use lights with LED bulbs which are a lot safer and make sure you routinely check your lights for any wire fraying or evidence of wear and tear.  Also, never leave the lights on when you leave the house or go to sleep.  A Christmas tree fire can spread rapidly!

Lessen the Likelihood of House Fires Today

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