Dwelling coverage and market value differencesBuying a home can be stressful, but once you have moved in and gotten settled, it’s a place of peace and comfort.  Your homeowners insurance is designed to compensate you for losses that may occur from perils such as tornado, hurricane, or fire, all of which can lead to a total loss of your home.  Imagine this happening and what you thought was adequate coverage, turned out to be insufficient. With home values rising over the last few years, you need to determine what is best between dwelling coverage and market value in reference to your homeowners insurance protection.

One thing for certain is how values of your home vary depending with whom you are dealing.  For example, a realtor trying to sell your home is going to reference the term “market value” and will list your home based on the current housing market; while an insurance company is there for you when the catastrophic scenario happens.  As you know, unfortunate situations happen all too frequently and we are here to make sure when and if it does, you have adequate protection.  This is where the difference lies between dwelling coverage and market value.

Differences Between Market Value Vs. Dwelling Coverage

Some of you may wonder why you would consider insuring your home for more than it would sell for, and this is why.  Market value is established by the value of other homes in your area that have sold in the past year, that are similar to yours in style, condition, age, and size.  It’s basically what you could buy or sell your house right now with the current housing market.

Dwelling coverage covers the estimated cost to rebuild your home, should something catastrophic happen such as a tornado or fire, along with debris removal and demolition of any undamaged portion of your property following a disaster.  You should always prepare for worst-case scenarios so when the unthinkable happens, you are fully protected.

In today’s market, the expense of rebuilding your home for the “market value” amount would mean you would have to settle for sub-par construction and do without some amenities that perhaps you have become accustomed.

The Impact of Dwelling Coverage Created by the Pandemic

The pandemic changed our world in many ways.  Not only did many production facilities slow down, but many shut down.  This created a decrease in supplies, yet an increase in demand for building materials and supplies. During COVID-19, many people began renovations or new construction only to face rising lumber costs, labor and skilled worker shortages, and the inability to get the building materials and supplies needed.  All these challenges paved the way for an increase in both market value and dwelling values.

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