Steps to Take Following an Auto AccidentOwning and operating a vehicle has its perks; however, it can also cause stress and anxiety when you are involved in an accident.  Accidents are never an enjoyable experience to encounter, but the stress can be minimized if you know some key measures to take following an auto accident.

Regardless of fault, accidents can generate a lot of emotions, ranging from anger, sadness, and even rage, especially if someone else was the at-fault driver.  Imagine that you are travelling to the mountains for a much-needed family outing when you are involved in an auto accident.  A distracted driver following too close to you fails to see you stopping due to heavy traffic.  He plows right into the rear of your car and as you can imagine, you are mad.  Visibly upset, you inspect the damages and make sure everyone is okay, but what next?  If you don’t know what actions to take after this accident, read on.

Key Considerations Following an Auto Accident, but Not Limited to:

Inspect/Document Damages- Immediately get out and inspect all damages to vehicles involved.  Take photos of the accident scene, road, vehicles, damages to all vehicles involved, and take note of the number of people in the other car(s). If you don’t have a phone with a camera, it is wise to have a camera in your glove box for this type of situation. Another recommended item to have is a dash camera which will provide accident details on video which can demonstrate what happened.  As you can imagine, this is a great tool to have when there are disputed testimonies of the accident details.

Call the Police- Immediately call the police following an auto accident so that a report can be written and filed to aid in the investigation for the insurance company. Having a police report can allow for a smoother claims process and resolution to the claim.

Exchange Insurance Information- While you are waiting for the police, it is recommended you exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver.

Try to Remain Calm- This can be tough to do regardless of who caused the wreck.  Keep in mind that by staying calm you can think clearer and stay rational.  Nothing will be solved any faster if you are angry, yelling, or crying.  In fact, remaining calm can aid in a smoother and faster investigation of the accident.

Notify Your Independent Insurance Agent- The faster you notify your insurance agent the quicker the claim will be processed, investigated, and resolved.

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