Sharing the Road with MotorcyclistsDuring the spring, summer, and fall, millions of motorcyclists enjoy traveling on the open road. Feeling the wind, freedom, and excitement is thrilling, but what about the safety hazards out on the highways?  For many reasons, motorcycle riders face higher risks than those drivers in trucks and cars. In fact, the federal government cites that deaths of motorcyclists are almost 29 times greater than that of car and truck drivers.  Read on to find ways of sharing the road with motorcyclists.

Keep in mind the fatality risks are higher for motorcyclists because they are traveling without any external protection, unlike car and truck operators. Also, it’s been shown over half of fatalities involving a motorcycle involve another car whose driver is typically the one at fault.

Ways You Can Share the Road

There are ways to reduce the likelihood of accidents on the highways/roadways. Operators of cars and trucks need to realize that there are motorcyclists out there on the highways as well and should be acknowledged and anticipated while driving.  Below are some key considerations to keep in mind when sharing the road.

Follow Your Lane- When you see a motorcycle, keep in mind they are allowed to use a full lane.  This means you should avoid sharing a lane with them as that increases the chances of a collision.  Always give riders as much space as you can.

Keep Your Distance- This is a key consideration for auto, truck, or motorcycle drivers.  Always maintain a safe distance from the motorcycle ahead of you.  This allows for more time to appropriately and safely stop when necessary.  Following too closely can lead to an increased likelihood of accidents.  Nobody likes drivers who tailgate.

Be Aware of Motorcyclists- Always be prepared to see motorcycles, but especially during the warmer months.  Warmer weather equates to higher numbers of riders on the roadway.  Being aware of your surroundings can help you with a quicker reaction time to avoid an accident and a safer way to access the situation around you.

Check Your Blind Spots- Keep in mind that not only can motorcycles come up on you quickly but they are also much smaller than cars and trucks, so less likely to see, especially in blind spots.  Remember to check your blind spots before changing lanes and/or turning.  Doing this can help to keep motorcycle riders safe.

Staying Safe While Sharing the Road

Warmer weather is here so now is the time to review the key concepts of driving safely on the roadways/highways and sharing the roads with motorcyclists.  If you have any questions or concerns about motorcycle insurance, auto, or truck insurance, Cameron Group Insurance is here for all your insurance needs.  Our goal is having you on the roadways riding worry free with the insurance protection you need should an accident happen.  Don’t wait!  Call us today at 845-627-2130 and we can assist you.